Should I Use Social Media?

Social Media Management: Sydney

We often have business owners ask “Should I be using social media?”, “Where do I start?” and then the final “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING!”.

Yes, you should be using social media. But which social media? Not every platform will be suitable for your business.

However I firmly believe that at least one form of social media is right for every business. You just have to work out which one is right for you.

Social media today takes many forms with the best known being:

  • Facebook – Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Over 10m users in Australia, over 500m worldwide
  • Twitter – 140 characters to tell your followers what’s happening
  • YouTube – video sharing site, 2nd largest search engine after Google
  • LinkedIn – often called Facebook for business
  • Blogging – allows users to post their opinions, thoughts or comments on a website, that others can then comment on.
  • Pinterest – kind of like when you were a kid and used to rip things out of magazines and makes scrapbooks. Now you can have a profile and “pin” things from websites which interest you (highly addictive)
  • Instagram – like Facebook but with photos, and filters! Great if you have a very visual based business

Many organisations with little social media knowledge are overwhelmed by choice. Which is expected when faced with something new. My advice is:

  • pick 1 form of social media and start with it
  • once you are comfortable with that, then pick a 2nd and use it
  • then pick a 3rd form etc etc.

However, as I said, not all social media is right for all businesses. Before deciding how to venture out, you need to look at:

  • who your target market is – what social media do they use?
  • how much time and money do you have? While in theory social media is free, it does take time
  • who is going to look after your social media? Pick someone who wants to do it and make sure they do it consistently
  • if you are a small business or a sole operator, then what suits your personality? If you hate writing, blogging is probably not for you. If you are fairly time poor then twitter will be a great option as it takes just a couple of minutes a few times a day to find out what is going on and post updates. If your business is very hands on or visual then look at posting video blogs to YouTube.
  • if your business needs a lot of customers to keep it going (maybe it’s a product or a shop or a restaurant) then look at how you can set up a Facebook business page.

The other ESSENTIAL thing you need to consider when starting out with social media is how you can incorporate it into your existing marketing activities. Facebook and twitter are tools to help with  your marketing. Not stand-alone strategies. You should weave its use into your goals and objectives, key messages and evaluate how they are working for you.

And once you decide to go down the social media path make sure you incorporate the urls of all your social media in your traditional marketing (such as on brochures/websites, stickers on products, point of sale materials and in your email signature).

Social media is another “entry point” to your business. Just as having a company website was a “MUST” in the 90s/early 2000’s, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Insatgram and all of their friends have also become a crucial part of any businesses marketing mix.

If your business requires help with Social Media, contact us! We can tailor packages to suit your business needs.

Aug, 18, 2013