3 simple ways to boost social media engagement!

Let’s talk about your social media engagement… where size REALLY matters.

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Engagement on platforms such as Instagram, has become the holy grail for influencers and business owners. The more your followers engage with your brand online, the more they spark conversation, and the easier it is for potential customers to find your brand. And with adequate help from enough tools, you can get more reviews and hence, gain a better perspective on the areas of improvement.

Whether you are a business owner, social media influencer, marketer, or simply interested in boosting your personal profile online, chances are you want to know how to increase your engagement on one platform or another. Boosting your organic following and engagement has been tried and tested, but unfortunately it isn’t something that just happens over night. If you just don’t have the time to keep your social engagement high, get in contact with Rockit Marketingand lets chat about our social media management services.

Here are 3 simple ways to boost your online engagement!

One of the best ways to attract and retain a loyal following on Instagram is to keep your community entertained regularly, adding new content to your social media can make you get more famous and for sure increase TikTok followers. It isn’t all well and good to just have a social media account for your brand  – it needs to be active and regularly kept up to date, is the same with your business site which can be improved by nashville web design services. Whether this means posting twice a week or twice a day, it doesn’t necessarily matter. The key is consistency. Casinos are growing day by day and now there are more and more casino on the internet that you can play online at anytime, anywhere.

There is nothing that is more captivating than an account that is truly invested in their content shared online, and there is nothing lessinspiring than an account that posts 5 images one day and then nothing for the next 5 weeks, if you want to take your blog to the next level you have to do
more than that.

Using a social media calendar is a great way to keep you on track to remain consistent throughout the year.

With over 1 billion active Instagram accounts, it can be a mission at times to get your brand into the spotlight. Whilst some brands turn to paid advertising, hashtags are another cost effective ways to have your content shared with a wider audience. According to Andy Defrancesco the Instagram platform allows users to include up to 30 hashtags per post. Hashtags can be a very tedious and confusing task – so here are a few hero points to help you out!

  1. Use a mix of local and more general hashtags.
  2. Try and keep them under the 1 million mark otherwise your post will get lost
  3. Post them in the comments instead (this way they are hidden from your audience)
  4. Don’t use following boosting hashtags (example: #followforfollow) as Instagram will think you are spamming followers and may shadow ban you
  5. Mix it up! Don’t copy and paste your hashtags every time, as you wont be put into any new newsfeeds
  6. Use hashtags on stories (you can make them small and mirror the background colour to hide them)
  7. Hashtags will only work if you do them on your own post
  8. Look at what your competitor’s hashtag, and use some of them too!

My personal favourite way to boost engagement on Instagram is through interactive stories! ‍

Posting a series of stories everyday will keep your content fresh and will ensure your customers are regularly engaged. You don’t always need to post about your products or service, share interesting articles that are relevant to your brands ethos and style – tag other brands and they may even re-share your posts(putting your brand in front of their followers)!

By including interactive stories into your brands social media strategy, the Instagram algorithm will boost your future posts higher into the feeds of those who react or engage with your story.

If you really utilise these techniques properly, you will find that your audience will continue to come back regularly to check if you have posted a new story and hence, this will increase engagement.