Social Media

Social media is such an exciting marketing tool for your business. But using social media without a strategy is like going surfing without a surfboard. If you’re serious about using social as a business tool, it must be supported with a plan, strategy and goal.

Rather than a random post here and there, we will implement a strategy to increase your social media presence, and turn fans into customers.

Your post content is the backbone of your brand page and will ultimately determine your follower growth and fan engagement levels.

  • Strategy – focus on your audience interests and generating unique content rather than product promotions. Establish the brand themes you want to promote and consistently link back to these messages. Create posts that encourage feedback, participation and interaction
  • Post structure – images are key to news feeds so ensure you’re posting images or videos that stand-out. Keep your text content brief and action orientated.
  • Timings – post four or five times a week with a focus on key times for your demographic
  • Promotions – stay on theme, use strong images with captions and keep it succinct and simple

Even if you require initial help setting up your pages, understanding “insights”, setting up a Facebook advertising campaign or designing a cover page, we can help your business

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